Puls Up

Fully interactive mobile prototypes used in research for the Human Centred Health Informatics & Participation research group at Aalborg University
2 months
Some adolescents in Aalborg Øst, Denmark are prone to living with with social disabilities, resulting in seclusion and physical inactivity.
Using participatory methods, how can the createto create potential solution, how
My Contributions
UI design
Collaborative user prototyping
User testing
UX prototyping
In collaboration with AAU research unit, CHIP, a participatory design approach in longitudinal study was conducted.Through various co-design activities and workshops with the adolescents, we designed a mobile application that could enable an overview of available activities, creating new and joining existing ones.

A feature packed Hi-fi mobile prototype used for final evaluation and further work into the research project.

Academic paper available here

Storyboards and sketches

Lo- and Hi-Fi prototypes